Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Announcement - Opening of "Payday Today", a NZ based Loan Lender

Now introducing the newest payday lender in NZ, Payday Today. After working a long time on this project I am so happy to announce the launch of our website. Are you in need of an emergency loan and don't know where else to turn? Do you feel like your credit is so bad that you would be prevented from borrowing money when you most need it?

Fortunately, our website is live -- and now you can submit your application for a loan. We have a quick decision on approval, and of course it is completely free to apply. You can visit our website at the following link:

How do we stand out from the rest? Good question! We are a broker, not a direct lender. Therefore, when you submit your application to us, we work with several companies who are authorised to lend money to NZ citizens by the NZ government. Because we work with several lenders, the odds of your application being accepted are higher than if you were to submit your application to a direct lender.

What about bad credit? It is OK if you have bad credit, because the criteria for deciding on whether you qualify is based more heavily on your ability to repay. This is a focus on either your employment status, or your receiving beneficiary payments of some sort.

Beneficiary payments cover a multitude of scenarios. If you are receiving continual payouts from a will, you are a beneficiary. Likewise, if you receive structured payments such as a settlement from a court order, you also are receiving beneficiary payments. There are many types of government assistance programs that would qualify you as a beneficiary recipient. If you are confused as to whether you qualify, you can simply submit your application. It is free to submit your application and you will receive a quick decision.

Learn more about us. You can find Payday Today on twitter at We are also writing articles on Medium at

Where do you apply? At our website! You can discover more information about the services we have to offer by visiting Payday Today at